Having produced, directed, and edited over a hundred video branded content pieces that range in style from mini-documentary, scripted live-action, and animated content. Some of which were produced for industry-leading brands. I feel that my experience may merit your consideration.

I have found that brands beyond needing quality content need someone who was imaginative, collaborative, and resourceful in how they solved their complex branding and messaging problems.

My experience is unique from a lot of other candidates because I built my career up from working for peanuts producing videos for start-ups. Eventually, after many years taking on Pearson Education, the industry leader in education, as a client. By leading efforts to rebrand the video portion of their advertising for their k-12 science program.

The rebrand consisted of fifty-five content pieces, a nearly one hundred thousand dollar budget, three shoots planned across different states, multiple crews, and doing this all without an agency, manager, or production company behind me. It was just me, a dream in my heart, and some exceptionally talented people I brought on board.

I was able to go from micro-budget start-up videos to producing content for a global brand as a client precisely because I started small. When one doesn't have a lot to work with in terms of budget, gear, crew, or talent. One must be exceptionally resourceful and imaginative in how you approach complex problems if good work is going to be the result.

There are lots of stories I could tell about this, whether it's racing to problem solve how to shoot an ad before hurricane Harvey hit Houston. To recasting an entire music video in a week due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts that popped up. To producing shoots in cities I wasn't in, or have ever been to, or even trying to figure out how to produce an animated ad having never done it before.

The odds are way steeper going through these things with everything just being on oneself, but the experiential payoff is first hand and invaluable. The fire never lies, as they say. (They may not say that I just made that up.)

The most invaluable piece of knowledge I have gained from my career is first, and foremost no good work exists inside a single person's head. Second, the secret to creating great work is finding the most talented people you can find and afford. Listen to them. Prepare them. Then get out of their way and let them do their jobs.

This approach is excruciatingly simple, but it forces you as the person in the leadership role to put your ego down and put the work up as the vaulted ideal. Not one's career, ideas, or any sense of holding on to one's ideational spark being supreme.

This method is the best I have found in ensuring not only that good work is created, but also every problem going into production is solved and accounted for. From there as a team, we only have to worry about any unknown unknowns. Having been so prepared and collaborative through the pre-production and production process those problems are easily dealt with.

This method is the best I have found in ensuring not only that good work is created, but also every problem going into production is solved and accounted for. From there as a team, we only have to worry about any unknown unknowns. Having been so prepared and collaborative through the pre-production and production process those problems are easily dealt with.

Any work I have done whether you like it, love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it. It is the result of this approach and facilitating a relentless collaborative environment with extraordinarily talented people. It sounds cliche, but for me, it's how I have survived a lot of difficult situations and problems in my career. Also, it's what has allowed me to go from making content on a few hundred dollars almost ten years ago, to nearly one hundred thousand dollars last year.

As mentioned before most clients and brands that I have worked with deeply value someone with an imaginative, resourceful, and collaborative spirit. That's something I have cultivated in a processed approach to creating content. It's an environment I not only like to create but enjoy working in.

As they say, "None of us is as smart as all of us." (They actually do say that.)

Creative Philosophy

My approach to making content is to ensure that brands get the most out of content creation, and video production, that fits the need of marketing in the 21st century. This is to say that The needs of brands today exist far outside the bounds of a 30's second spot. In 2021 brands need content at scale. 

 So what do we mean by content at scale? It's the process of creating content that allows us to make vast amounts of it in a single shoot. Primarily when we do this we create mini-doc content consisting of interviews that lean into the authenticity and vulnerability of the humans that make up a company. Authentic content in today's manufactured online existence is the best way to cut through the noise and to meet people where they are at. The benefit of this is that the brands can walk away with a ton of great content to feed their content engine while speaking from the core of who are as a brand.

The reason why one video is not enough for brands. Because in the digital age there is a digital sales process that a company must go through. in order to capture customers and retain them. 

Every sales process has a formula it's better to think of the video in the context of this formula. it goes as follows. 

  1. Intro 
  2. Rapport
  3. Problem
  4. Solution 
  5. Demo 
  6. Value
  7. Close
  8. Emotional Close

If you think of these steps along the way of a sales journey as buckets that media and content fit into. You see how video can cover all of them in one piece or each bucket. 

Video is most effective in two parts of this funnel. First and foremost it shines in an introduction to our brand by introducing yourself and then building rapport with a view. This is because the video is unique from all forms of media in creating a deep emotional and dynamic connection with a view. It's a media that emotionally engages not only in the sense that shows that you understand where they are at, but also allows the opportunity to authentically engage. 

Secondly, video is also immensely effective in demonstrating the problem you seek to solve for a consumer. Providing a solution and demonstrating how your product or service solves the problem you have found. 

In short, capturing and retaining customers into today's and age has become far more complicated than what a thirty-second spot can accomplish. The process we as marketeers must go through is far more complex than it was even ten years ago. Because we are fighting for attention in people's lives that are pulled in a million different directions online. 

Video for more than other mediums accomplishes this problem. 

Core Disciplines


I have personally overseen the productions of projects ranging from ten thousand dollars to 100,000 dollars. This involved hiring key members, managing budgets, and managing client expectations. My goal for you during production is to give you a cost-effective way of producing content. While having the highest quality team members to serve your needs.


What I care most about when initially working with clients is to tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with your core consumer. My job is to help you find the core voice as a brand. It's my number one goal and what I excel at. Whether that is telling the story of a small start up or the largest education company in the world.

Post Production

I offer post-production a la carte as a core service. I also do all the post production for every project I produce and direct. I have worked with agencies, production companies, and brands to deliver the full spectrum of post-production needs. From editing, color, sound mix, to delivery. Post work to be honest is my favorite part of the process.

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