When I started out trying to work professionally I couldn't get hired to be a dog catcher.  I was twenty-two, had no reel, no experience, no camera, I was dead broke but I had a dream. All I had were my wits and a will to be a working filmmaker.


Doing it this way is probably the hardest way, but it's the way that I feel teaches you far more about the filmmaking process and more importantly what good leadership is. After all, when it's all just on you to make it work you are highly motivated not to fail. Trust me though I failed a lot along the way.


With every gig, I was able to land the goal was to ensure the quality of the end result punched well above the weight of the budget. This was the goal and still is because for me to make a living at this thing I needed to figure out a way not only to make a profit but to capture projects where there was even enough money to do so. So with every job, I pushed myself and my team to reach far beyond our access to resources and to come up with imaginative and resourceful ways to tell a client's story. If we could accomplish this I knew my ability to bring in a bigger project that would pay me and my team a better rate the next time would be more attainable.


Having now personally overseen the creation of around a hundred content pieces as a director-producer and editor. Especially doing it the way I did it, I believe that the job of anyone managing production is to be the helper in chief. That is to say, my job is to ensure everyone on my team does the best job they can do. The best way to do this is to create a collaborative environment where the problem being solved is a group effort. Not a problem that solely resides in the director's head - my head.


This is a belief that is at the core of my professional life because I learned very early on when dealing with limited resources you have to maximize the creative solutions. This is done by finding the best people you can possibly find and afford, collaborating with them, preparing them, and then getting out of their way.


This allowed us to go into every production nearly certain every problem that could be solved was solved. Every would-be problem has been identified and we have a strategy to deal with them. Leaving the unknown unknowns to be left to a team that is hyper prepared folks making them easily dealt with.


This is the core process that has given me any modicum of success I have had in my career. It was the process I used in working with Pearson Education as a client to rebranded their advertising for their science program. Which is the crown jewel so to speak of my portfolio but wouldn't have been possible without a lot of talented people around me making it happen.


I guess you can say I deeply value a challenge. There is a beauty in solving complex problems with nothing, and being able to mentally push through to the end. Whether that is in life, work, or art. I have great admiration for anyone who is able to do this. It's something hopefully I've cultivated and can continue to do so in my life.



Everything on this site has been produced, directed, edited and color corrected by me. I also personally shot some of the shots, and generally do all of my own lighting. I hope you enjoy it.


Creative Philosophy

My approach to making content is to ensure that brands get the most out of content creation, and video production, that fits the need of marketing in the 21st century. So what do we mean by content at scale? It's process of creating content that allows us to make vast amounts of it in a single shoot. Primarily when we do this we create mini-doc content consisting of interviews that lean into the authenticity and vulnerability of the humans that make up a company. Authentic content in today's manufactured online existence is the best way to cut through the noise and to meet people where they are at. The benefit of this is that the brands  can walk away with a ton of great content to feed their content engine while speaking from the core of who are as a brand.

Core Disciplines


I have Personally overseen the productions of projects ranging from ten thousand dollars to 100,000 dollars. This involved hiring key members, managing budgets and managing client expectations. My goal for you during production is to give you a cost-effective way of producing content. While having the highest quality team members to serve your needs.


What I care most about when initially working with clients is to tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with your core consumer. My job is to help you find the core voice as a brand. It's my number one goal and what we excel at. Whether that is Telling the story of a small start up or the largest education company in the world.

Post Production

I offer post-production a la carte as a core service. I also do all the post production for every project I produce and direct. I have worked with agencies, production companies, and brands to deliver the full spectrum of post-production needs. From editing, color, sound mix, to delivery. Post work to be honest is my favorite part of the process.

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