Howdy, my name is Travis and, if you have found yourself here, you may be thinking about hiring me. All I have to say to that is, fantastic! I can’t wait to help you out and be a collaborator with you!

My journey as a filmmaker has humble beginnings. I was just a kid with a dream and no real way to attain it. I didn’t grow up with a lot. My Dad was a preacher, and my Mom was a teacher. (Sounds like a country music song, doesn’t it.)

I bought my first camera with money I had saved up from my first job at 16 and made my first film. Let me tell you… it was a big stinker. Just terrible. But I was 16 and, I had no idea what I was doing.

Along the way, I learned little by little until I ended up rebranding the largest education company in the world as a client: Pearson Education. (more on that in a bit.)

Going to college, I opted to go to art school and not film school. Because I was and still am fascinated by the power of a single image. And the dance of those singular images with music to the melody of dialogue.

There is power in a single image to evoke awe, horror, delight, curiosity, inspiration, and hope. A single story can be told in one image. That story can inspire the whole gamut of human emotions. Good bad and in between.

This is especially true with human faces and why this is why I shoot interviews the way I do.

The way we respond to a human face looking directly at us into the camera, into our souls, and us looking back into theirs. I shoot interviews this way because it gives us a deeper insight into the humans we are watching. It allows us to see the full person and to engage with them authentically.

Telling these kinds of authentic human stories is what excites me. It is what makes me love what I do. You can see this play out in my work.

For instance my work with Pearson Education we told stories all around the “Ah-Ha” moment. This is a moment teachers live for, and we wanted to connect Pearson as a brand to that moment we have all had when we just got it. So, we told stories about teachers getting students there and teachers who had teachers who got them there.

The result was, to Pearson and to me, deeply moving content pieces. That spoke to what they did at the core of their brand.

This can also be seen in my personal projects like Sober Stories. Which is a project about people in addiction Recovery sharing the wisdom they have gained in sobriety.

Or in the documentary film I made, The Sharpstown Prize For Architecture. Which is an exploration of the human beings that created, and won an incredibly unique once-in-a-lifetime contest.

To sum all of this up, my interest and fascinations in filmmaking are grounded in telling deeply human stories for brands or otherwise. I do this by utilizing the people that make up a brand or a story, then creating the images that can tell that story.

We are desperate for authentic human connection in this day in age. It is my view, telling those kinds of stories is the best way to cut through the noise and build real connections with an audience.

If you would like to contact me email me at howdypartner@travismeadorsfilms.com

P.S. I’m dyslexic and went to college in west Texas. Please excuse my grammar.


Core Disciplines


I have personally overseen the productions of projects ranging from ten thousand dollars to 100,000 dollars. This involved hiring key members, managing budgets, and managing client expectations. My goal for you during production is to give you a cost-effective way of producing content. While having the highest quality team members to serve your needs.


What I care most about when initially working with clients is to tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with your core consumer. My job is to help you find the core voice as a brand. It's my number one goal and what I excel at. Whether that is telling the story of a small start up or the largest education company in the world.

Post Production

I offer post-production a la carte as a core service. I also do all the post production for every project I produce and direct. I have worked with agencies, production companies, and brands to deliver the full spectrum of post-production needs. From editing, color, sound mix, to delivery. Post work to be honest is my favorite part of the process.

Content Highlights

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