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I have over a decade of experience in all aspects of video production, and I have successfully grown social media accounts with the content I have made.

In that time I have managed and executed projects up to $100,000 in budget.

Some of the companies I’ve done this for you may have heard of, like Pearson Education or The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Most of the others you probably haven’t.

Beyond that, I started a caused based project called Sober Stories. It explores what people have gained in their journies of Recovery. This is done by interviewing people in recovery, and creating and sharing memes that hopefully help us understand ourselves a bit better.

The project grew from zero to 14,500 followers in 16 months. It has received millions of views and individual engagements.

I have learned a lot about how not only to grow social media accounts from that project but how to make content that people will pay attention to in low attention span environments like Instagram.

Because just like I sold textbooks for Pearson Education. I had to figure out how to sell sobriety with Sober Stories.

If you would like to know more about me please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Interview I did with the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation

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Core Disciplines


I have personally overseen the productions of projects ranging from ten thousand dollars to 100,000 dollars. This involved hiring key members, managing budgets, and managing client expectations. My goal for you during production is to give you a cost-effective way of producing content. While having the highest quality team members to serve your needs.


What I care most about when initially working with clients is to tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with your core consumer. My job is to help you find the core voice as a brand. It's my number one goal and what I excel at. Whether that is telling the story of a small start up or the largest education company in the world.

Post Production

I offer post-production a la carte as a core service. I also do all the post production for every project I produce and direct. I have worked with agencies, production companies, and brands to deliver the full spectrum of post-production needs. From editing, color, sound mix, to delivery. Post work to be honest is my favorite part of the process.

Content Highlights

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