My name is Travis, I am a filmmaker with over a decade worth of experience in the marketing, advertising, and social content creation space.

In my years creating content and being steeped in social media and internet culture, I’ve come to believe a simple about content. The content we create must be at its core, authentic. If it can be made from a place of being vulnerable that’s even better.

This is because, in the age of fake internet points, everyone is projecting what they want people to see. Presenting people and content that speaks to the authenticity of people is the best way to cut through the noise.

It’s because of this, over the last five years, I have focused on creating content for clients, and my projects that are at their core deeply human.

The rebrand I did for Pearson Education’s science program is a great example of this. It consisted of 55 videos that told the story of “the Ah-Ha” moment.

The idea behind the campaign was to tie Pearson to this fundamental story that sits at the heart of education.

So we told all kinds of stories about the “Ah-HA moment.” Stories of teachers getting students there, teachers who had teachers that got them there, and students that had teachers that got them there.

The result was a library of content that got to the core of what Pearson does as a brand. Which is, “Pearson Education creates educational materials that better help teachers get students to the “Ah-Ha Moment.”

I’ve also used this philosophy in growing a project that is deeply personal to me called Sober Stories.

The project on its face is fairly straightforward. It’s video content about what addicts have gained in sobriety.

But through the authenticity and vulnerability of the people I have interviewed, the content has become more universal. The core of it is about the things that we as humans have to overcome to find healing told through the eyes of recovering addicts.

How do we overcome shame? Trauma? The ego? Grandiose thinking? Insecurities? Self-acceptance?

These are deeply human things, and things we all deal with. It’s because of this the Instagram account has seen an explosive growth of 7,000% in ten months. It’s on track to hit 10,000 followers within a year of its launch. (August 2022)

These are but two examples of the core philosophy I work under when creating things for myself or clients.

It’s a philosophy that has been proved out by the community that has coalesced around the content I’ve made, and by the metrics it delivers.

I’d be honored if you would be willing to consider me for an and all Opportunities for me to help you grow your brand. I have a proven track record in growth online, and I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Thank you for your consideration,




Interview with the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation

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Core Disciplines


I have personally overseen the productions of projects ranging from ten thousand dollars to 100,000 dollars. This involved hiring key members, managing budgets, and managing client expectations. My goal for you during production is to give you a cost-effective way of producing content. While having the highest quality team members to serve your needs.


What I care most about when initially working with clients is to tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with your core consumer. My job is to help you find the core voice as a brand. It's my number one goal and what I excel at. Whether that is telling the story of a small start up or the largest education company in the world.

Post Production

I offer post-production a la carte as a core service. I also do all the post production for every project I produce and direct. I have worked with agencies, production companies, and brands to deliver the full spectrum of post-production needs. From editing, color, sound mix, to delivery. Post work to be honest is my favorite part of the process.

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