My art and photography is almost entirely based in the natural world. There is something about nature in the abstract and in the micro that is endlessly fascinating to me. Maybe its the drama of the natural world, the chaotic peace of it. Maybe its the eternal cycle of life and death. The state of endless decay, yet abundant birth. It’s something that is beautiful and sinister. Horrifying beyond imagination, and nurturing us all the same.

The way I attempt to capture not only the natural world but life in general, is to try to find the juxtaposition of the place we exist. To me the beauty of our planet and our society are based in juxtaposing experiences. Whether that is poetic irony, life and death, or making the micro seem grand.

As one of my heroes Werner Herzog said,  “What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.”

This duality is a deep well of creative mystery, and my main exploration in my personal art. My goal with the nature pieces is to try and capture that drama the best I can.

The rest either are deeply personal projects that try and convey some sorry of personal internal drama. Or they are pieces that I feel convey some sort of story or emotion. Like with all art though, its not what it is but how it makes you feel.

I hope you enjoy.